Auto Center and Gas Station

Omiks Trade Center

Omiks Trade Center consists of: Gasoline station, gas station, methane station, annual technical inspections center, automatic portal car wash and facility for filling up propane butane tanks. The gas station provides different types of fuel: Gasoline А95Н, Gasoline A100H, Diesel, Propane butane gas, compressed natural gas (methane). The fuels meet all criteria of ORDINANCE on the requirements of liquid fuel quality, the conditions, order and method of their control.

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The filling facility for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), located on the territory of Omix Trade Center is registered as tax warehouse and allows filling of tanks with various capacity.

Working hours: 08.30 hrs to 18.30 hrs

The annual technical inspection station is Vth category in accordance with ORDINANCE No H-32 dated 16.12.2011 for periodic inspections of vehicle’s technical suitability.

It is equipped with all the necessary machinery and devices for carrying out annual technical inspections of various motor vehicles, namely:

  • break efficiency stand;
  • opacimeter;
  • gas alerting device;
  • headlight inspection device etc.


Special large-scale customers Ezeretz Oil has contractual relations with use discounts for services at the station and the car wash.

Contact telephone numbers with annual technical inspections station:

0887957457 - Ventsislav Dimitrov

0887744356 - Todor Semerdzhiev

The automatic portal car wash is equipped with latest technology needed for the quality wash of trucks, produced by the Italian supplier Autoequip Lavaggi, established producer of automatic car wash devices.

The site at the automatic car wash also allows washing passenger cars as used is the latest equipment of the globally proven producer KARCHER.

Special large-scale customers Ezeretz Oil has contractual relations with use discounts for services at the station and the car wash.

Prices, Omiks Auto Center, 2023

The center offers its customers individual cards with various types of discounts for different fuels depending on the quantity being purchased.

The gas station has a DKV contract and works with DKV cards.  

All prices include VAT.



Service Price
Gasoline station Price Using Omiks card
Gasoline А95H 2,56 lv/l 0,00 lv/l
Gasoline А100H 0.00 lv/l 0.00 lv/l
Diesel 2.71 lv/l 0.00 lv/l
Autogas 1,26 lv/l 0.00 lv/l
Мethane 0.00 lv/kg 0.00 lv/kg
Ad Blue 1.44 lv/l 0.00 lv/l
Car wash
Tractor with semi-trailer 50,00 lv exterior wash
Truck and trailer 55,00 lv exterior wash
Tractor 30,00 lv exterior wash
Passenger car 22,00 lv complex wash
Passenger car 55,00 lv
Fees with issue of DP card 80,00 lv
Truck up to 3.5 tons 70,00 lv
Truck above 3.5 tons 90,00 lv
Tractor 90,00 lv
Semi-trailer/trailer/ above 3.5 tons 80,00 lv
Trailer up to 0.75 tons 55,00 lv
Trailer up to 3,5 tons 65,00 lv
Bus with issue of DP card 90,00 lv
ADR inspection
ADR inspection – primary 360,00 lv
ADR inspection – periodic 300,00 lv
The ADR inspection price includes PTP
PTP for issue of ECMT certificate – appendix 6
Tractor /Truck/ 120,00 lv
Semi-trailer/trailer/ 120,00 lv
Testing a cistern / water sample/
Up to 10000 liters 216,00 lv
Up to 15000 liters 276,00 lv
Up to 25000 liters 320,00 lv
Above 25000 liters 380,00 lv
Oversized vehicles
Crane up to 3 bridges 90,00 lv
Semi-trailer/trailer/ above 3.5 tons 80,00 lv
Motor vehicle with more than 3 bridges /for each bridge after the third one/ 30,00 lv

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